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Cantor Gastón Bogomolni

A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cantor Bogomolni (who is also known as “Cantor Gastón” or “Cantor G”) has been an ambassador of Jewish music for most of his life. A member of the Cantors Assembly, trained in hazzanut from an early age, Cantor Bogomolni, as a teenager, was sent out from Buenos Aires to outlying Jewish communities in Argentina to lead Shabbat and holiday services. At the age of 18, Cantor Bogomolni began serving as the only clergy member to the Jewish community in the Dominican Republic; first in Sosúa and later in Santo Domingo. During his fruitful three years in the Island, Cantor G was able to develope significant Jewish culture events for the entire general community. Cantor Bogomolni spent two years as the Hazzan and Youth Director for a congregation in Barcelona, Spain, before coming to the United States. From 2002–2008, Cantor Bogomolni served as the Cantor at Beth El Synagogue in Omaha, Nebraska, where he instituted many new and exciting programs in religious services, musical education for all ages, and entertaining shows.

A versatile, soulful and energetic artist, Cantor Bogomolni sings in various languages and styles. Cantor Bogomolni’s Ashkenazi and Sephardic background and training allow him to create a unique spiritual experience at shul. In addition to singing with the Omaha Symphony, and performing in Europe, Israel and the two Americas, Cantor Bogomolni has released two professional CDs of Jewish music. Cantor Bogomolni has also been very active in the Omaha educational network, offering a number of lectures, concerts and workshops throughout the year on Jewish musical traditions and the history of Jewish music. Cantor Bogomolni holds degrees in Music: Voice Performance (Cum Laude) from the University of Nebraska in Omaha.