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Ma'ariv - Hol (weekday)

Recordings from Understanding Ma'ariv and Understanding Havdalah Produced by Rabbi Charles Simon as a project from the Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs and recorded by Hazzan Steve Stoehr, with permission of FJMC.

Download ALL the files at once (ZIP) 26.2 MB

  • V'hu Rachum
  • Barchu
  • Uma'avir Yom
  • Ki Hem Chayenu
  • Shemah & V'Ahavta
  • Mi Chamocha
  • Hashkivenu
  • Ki Ha Malchut
  • Chatzi Kaddish
  • Kaddish Shalem
  • Alenu
  • Havdalah (Saturday Night after Ma'ariv)

  • Havdalah (Traditional)
  • Havdalah Final Blessing & Hamavdil
  • Eliahu Hanavi-Shavu'a Tov
  • Havdalah (Contemporary) by Debbie Friedman
  • understanding maariv

    Understanding Havdalah - A Guide to the Week's Beginning &
    Understanding Ma'ariv - A Guide to Leading the Evening Service, Rabbi Charles Simon.

    Understanding Ma'ariv is a complete guide to leading and participating in the evening service. This guide includes the full Hebrew text with musical notation side-by-side with English translation and transliteration. Also included is an in-depth history and commentary on the Ma'ariv service with easy-to-follow instructions. Understanding Ma'ariv has been endorsed by the Cantors Assembly. the text is accompanied by a CD of Havdalah and the Ma'ariv service.

    Understanding Havdalah has been designed to teach any Jew, even one with minimal Hebraic skills and limited Judaic knowledge, to chant Havdalah, the brief ceremony that separates Shabbat from the rest of the week. It includes the full Hebrew text, translations and transliterations, explanations, history, and commentary. The book also features the traditional Havdalah music and the music of noted composer Debbie Friedman. Endorsed by the Cantors Assembly.

    Copyrights: Endorsed by the Cantors Assembly. "Understanding Ma'ariv", Copyright © 1999 Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs, Inc. Printed in Canada. Music by Hazzan Samuel Rosenbaum of Rochester New York. Music for Alenu is used with the permission of the Cantors Assembly. "Understanding Havdalah", Copyright © 2001 Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs, Inc. All right reserved. Printed in the United States. Music by Hazzan Pinchas Spiro from Mincha Service for Shabbat, published by the Cantors Assembly. Copyright © 1986 Cantors Assembly. "Birckot Havdalah" from The World of Your Dreams, music by Debbie Friedman, published by Sounds Write Productions, Inc. (ASCAP); notation of the fourth blessing by Hazzan Sheldon Levi. Copyright © 1976 Deborah Lynn Friedman (ASCAP).